Be Yourself?


I had a lot of fun with this one :)

I'm on Youtube again *GROAN*


You saw it - I am on YouTube again.  As you might have guess, I definitely have mixed feelings.  Not sure many I'll make and all those lovely details, but I thought I'd just put it here regardless.  
This first "coming back" video is rather choppy (as I explain in the video description) - for some reason, I got it into my head to film with my phone instead of the camera, and thus.......ya.  Things happened and I had to really dice it up. My apologies!
I have no idea why I like to embarrass myself :)

5 pictures I took on Easter

I normally would have taken more pictures then what I have.....but the day got away from me, leaving me with 5 random pictures :)

Easter Vigil morning.  Beautiful!

Marley tries to squeeze in.  

Claire made poppy seed bread for after the Vigil, left early for work, and told us absolutely not to touch her bread.  So she left and Sarah and I went in and took this picture :)  We're nice sisters that way.  

Darkness until the Gloria!  Ahhhh!

Post vigil, around 2:30am when we got home.

National Air and Space Museum - Rapid City


Had to laugh, had to laugh.

Neatest thing ever.

Montana - photo dump!


You'd be surprised by just how many pictures we have of this gate. 


I think we all wished there were horses in the barn :)

Da house :)

It's Elizabeth!  Trying to figure out her senior pictures.  We ended up not taking them, but we had fun practicing.

Our personalities precisely.  

How long can you smile?  

Climbing up the hills behind the house.  It's actually one of those specks down there......tells you how high we were.  

Reminded me of the Holy Land.  Also, you had to watch out as there were cacti around.  Who knew they  grew in Montana?

 All of us kids except Claire went on the hike.

Driving towards Yellowstone.

Right before we got into the park, we stopped at this cool place with bears (I forget the name).  One of the few places that do bear-testing for companies wanting to sell "bear-resistant" products.