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just the simple things

pretty soon the roads around us will look like this

It's been too long.  Pretty much all through September (save this last past week), I was resolved to shut Gloria In Excelsis down for good and quit the blogging world.  I was done and over it all :)
Fast forward to yesterday, and I was getting random blogging ideas in my head and I just couldn't resist :)  I've realized just how much I need to write down my thoughts to process them.

It's nearly October and around here, the land is starting to shut down.  The cold air has come (50's and such) and the first frost was last night.  The air is suddenly crisp and when you walk you hear the crackle of the first of the fallen leaves.  All of a sudden, everyone's craving homemade apple pie, thick sweaters and boots, and dreaming of the corn maze. 

I love this time of year.  Winter is almost here (a time I consider quite peaceful) and everything is changing. 

For some reason, the cold air always makes me feel so a…

The Glory of God

 copyright Gloria In Excelsis Deo
Gloria Patri et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto, Sicute erat in principio,  et nunc, et sempter, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.
Such a simple prayer.......yet so complete.  In times when I'm happy, sad, or just feeling "blagh," I like to turn to this prayer.  
The glory of God is something I love to think about (though I don't do it enough).  It's why this blog is called Gloria In Excelsis Deo.  
If I'm struggling with something, it seems so right just to bow my head and to remind myself of God's glory and that, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end, Amen.  
It's very comforting.  When I turn my thoughts to the glory of God, it's like I get a mental picture in my head of the grand scheme of things......that of God's Immense Glory that overtakes everything created.  It's an awe-striking mental picture.
We are so blessed with our Faith.  It guides, strengthens, overcomes, com…

September 2018

Just a quick note - 
I'm taking a break from blogging this month of September (if you couldn't tell 😏).  I was going to tell ya'll before September started.......because that would have just made sense.  However, life got in the way and (among other things), I let it drop.
My reason?  I really want to pull away from technology this month and develop good habits.  It's a well known fact I'm rather a tech-addict (*sigh*) and I've gotten to the point were I just need to make the break and start a change.  This isn't how I want to live my life and it's about time I learn some self-control.
This September, my goal is to accomplish and over-come a few of my faults.
1)  break away from technology
2) be more healthy (no processed sugar)
3)  focus on the people in my life
4)  pursue my hobbies
I pray I may come out of September with good habits and free from the old ones.........refreshed and even more ready and willing to serve Jesus in my dail…