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Be Illuminated by Truth


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This past Sunday, as I was kneeling and trying to pray, my mind kept wandering.  Looking around at those around me (not something I recommend), I noted those who seemed deep in oblivious to anything except God Himself Present in the Holy Tabernacle.  I felt envious........then I started to think about it all more, specifically in regards to personalities.
Lately, I've been thinking a lot about maturity, acting a person's age, and how that should reflect on my personality in real life.  Kneeling there in church, I had a thought:  knowing and loving God alone will (or should) change who you are.

copyright Gloria In Excelsis Deo
I suddenly realized that it doesn't matter what I'm "like."  If I truly love Jesus as much as I am able, my life and personality will reflect and be illuminated by that.
Self-abandonment in Christ means leaving yourself behind.......all pride, selfishness, and vanity, claiming only to…

A Conglomeration of Thoughts


How do I want to live?  What choices do I want to make?  These are questions I've often asked myself.
I feel strongly that even the smallest, simplest decisions you make as a person in your day-to-day life strongly affect the big picture of things and make you who you are.
Who do I aspire to be?  Emma, a faithful, loving, compassionate, humble woman.  A woman who will die for her Faith, who holds ever fast to the Truth, and whose eye's are forever focused on Heaven.  Yes, that is who I want to be.   
Can I just say, MY HAIR........uh.......long time no see. copyright Gloria In Excelsis Deo know?  There are so many things I *wish* for or to be.  It seems like I'm always looking for something.  I'm never really grateful and satisfied with what I have or with were I am.  In one way, that's good: a person should always feel the need to attain a better spiritual life and closeness to God, ect.  However, when applied to the material world, t…

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when your halo goes flying


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It happens.  Your chugging away with your spiritual life, making splendid progress, and you feel closer to Jesus then ever before........and then you hit it.  
Uh oh, there goes your halo.  
Stuck in a rut, you loose all of the good habits and feeling of progress only to attain a sense of utter failure.  God never felt so far away.  You just can't seem to get yourself out of the mess you're in.  
You do realize that it is in these times we can truly make leaps and bounds closer to God?  And yes, you can get out of spiritual ruts and the like.  
Keep running after holiness.......just don't depend or base your spiritual life upon those times of emotional joy. Sure, God blesses us with joy (!) here and there......moments of time when joy and happiness abound.....but more often then not, we're tested for our love for God by tough times.

You know what I mean: when it's an uphill struggle just to be good.......when you're grumpy and …

My Thoughts // Sursum Corda 2018


Ladysmith WI photo dump

Hi all!  Yesterday we drove up to my Grandma's in Ladysmith, Wisconsin (north-western part of the state).  Sorry if I bore you all with millions of pictures and endless commentary that only means something to myself :) 

Leaving in my favorite weather.

Augusta, WI.  I always hope to see Amish.

I wasn't disappointed.

57 miles to go!

The skies kept clearing up the more north we went *heart*.  I love up north, even if it's a ghost-town I'm visiting (the rest of my family does not share my sentiment).    

My favorite spot at Grandma's.  It's here I usually write.

If you want to know what happened, you'll have to ask sister #5 who was with me (I won't say a name 😁).  

True, true.

Yesterday evening, Dad and I went on a walk.

The setting sun was perfect for pictures.