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This Moment In Time #5


What I'm doing:  replying to comments on my "Keep Me Faithful" post.  You all are the best readers ever.  Your comments always touch my heart and make me think more about whatever topic you bring up.  God bless you!
What I'm listening to:"Save Your Sorrows For Tomorrow" sung by Pee Wee Hunt and Glen Gray and "I Am Thine" by the Benedictines of Mary.  "Save Your Sorrows For Tomorrow" is my latest favorite non-religious song, and "I Am Thine" is my favorite hymn......and I now listen to it whenever I write a post.  
What I'm thinking about:  Blessings.  Whenever I feel down (which for emotional me is like, every 10 minutes 😉), I always act like a's like I throw an inner temper tantrum and loose all sense of intelligence.  I think I'm alone in my problems, that God never helps me or hears my prayers, and that everyone else seems to receive so many more graces then I do.  Very childish, let me tell …

Keep Me Faithful


Life is a blessed thing.  Why?  Because I have been given a chance to carry my cross with Jesus and the chance to be with Him forever in Heaven.  
I'm never alone as I slowly attempt to take small, painful steps towards Heaven's shores.  My cross is heavy, but I'm not alone.  My Holy Jesus gave me His Own mother to help me.  She wraps her mantle around me and encourages me to keep walking, even when the path is rough.  The suffering is sometimes great, but I'm not alone.  Jesus is there in the Holy Tabernacle......when I receive Him, He's there in the tabernacle of my heart.    What breaks my heart are all the times when I've dropped my cross, left my Mother of Perpetual Help, and looked away from the Loving Gaze of Jesus........all the times I caused my Holy God even more suffering.   Yet He's always there, reaching out His Hand all the way down to were I am, always ready to take me back to the path to Heaven......always there with Infinite Love fo…

Beautiful Thorns

+JMJ+ We all have things that get us down, make us grumpy, or just upset us.  It's just how life is.....thorns among the roses!  The question shouldn't be "how can we avoid the thorns," but instead, "how can we embrace them?"
I obviously can't tell you one (or multiple) ways that will magically make it so you no longer struggle with troubles......however, I'm realizing that there's one thing I can do in my life to help me deal with the rough parts, and that is to just think things through. For instance, say there's a situation in your life that just makes you grumpy and you're faced with this situation all the time.   When this happens, just take a step back and concentrate on calmly accepting this beautiful cross.  I've found that when you look at a hard situation with that perspective, you no-longer see it as a thorn that gives you pain, but instead, a thorn that brings you closer to our Holy Father in Heaven.  How can we not see …

A Rut = A Lesson

Hiking at one of my favorite spots.  It's a wonderful thing.....just standing in the middle of a small creek.  And on a random note, water-proof shoes always make me feel triumphant, for some reason.  
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Life is such an adventure!  I'm sorry I haven't been posting as has been rather interesting.  I can also say I've been learning a few important life lessons :)  Seeing as today I'm battling a sudden cold and quite a bit of muscle pain from a workout yesterday, I figured that this would be the perfect time to merely write out my thoughts on everything.   
First of all, I was in a play (a version of Cinderella written by our director the Catholic Author!).  See pictures here.  I had a blast being one of the evil stepsisters.  It was also a little bittersweet, though, as I decided it would be my last time on the stage.  What a grand way to end, playing my favorite character of all time :)

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This Moment In Time #4

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What I'm Looking At:  Out our sun-room windows.......the sky is dark and overcast and the rain is just fading from a heavy down-poor to a light drizzle.  This is my favorite weather.......give me an overcast rainy-day anytime!  I love the sound of the rain drops on the roof and windows, the smell of the water, and the calm atmosphere it brings.  
What I'm Listening To:They Don't Know About Us by One Direction.  This Nightcore version is one of my current favorite songs.
What I'm Thinking About:  How wonderful life is.......specifically seeing this even in the hard and difficult times.  Finding peace in life's pain.......seeing the blue-sky through the clouds.  Right now, I'm at a time were there's immense joy and happiness, but also hard struggles.......I'm making mistakes as well as rejoicing over victories.  And you know what?  God is right here beside me, guiding me.

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How can I expla…