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Holy Week Thus Far

Holy Week 2018 has been so wonderful.  Now that there's a lull in activity (everyone except me is trying to prepare for the Easter Vigil tonight and is wisely sleeping in), I'd like to take a look back on these past few days and remember all of the joyful yet bittersweet moments that make up Holy Week.
Monday, March 26th, 2018
After rather challenging day at work, going to the last choir practice for Holy Week was a blessing.  I will admit, I'm usually tired after working, but knowing that Jesus is right there in the Holy Tabernacle listening to you pulls you through.  I kept thinking about the Passion, especially how Our Blessed Mother must have felt.  
Tuesday, March 27th, 2018
My next youngest sister Elizabeth did her "birthday day" with Mom down in Madison.  I, sadly, don't recall getting much done in their absence.  Yet more proof that having a job is good for me......and that I need to get more hours.  Doing nothing and being bored is a dangerous p…

Snapshots of Summer

Spring is officially here in my book and that calls for some photos from the summer months.  All photos in this post copyright Gloria In Excelsis.  Please do not copy!

Micky, my sister's infamous rooster.

Photo-shoot before a dance gone wrong.

Vacation up in the remote north.

The fields before the invasion of golden-rod.  

Watering.....and watering.  


The cats at their favorite outpost.

Apple pie!

Again, vacation up north.  We were able to stay at a small campground......a memorable couple of days!

Views at a park we camped at with friends.

Attempting fancy hairstyles around the campfire is a scene you don't want to miss.  The struggle is real!
God bless!  I hope you all have a blessed Holy Week!

We Have A Talented Dog



copyright Gloria In Excelsis Deo.  Please do not copy!
Here I am, sitting at the library, my fingers swollen and stiff (stress), just minutes after getting through a job interview.  Praise be to Jesus!  
I thought I'd write a post giving you all an update on what's going on (not like there's anything serious or anything).  
First off is the fast-approaching spring.  That means I've been researching camping stoves and tents for what seems like ages.  I wish there weren't so many options out's quite overwhelming sometimes.  I'm also hoping to get out into my off-grid setup in April, so I have to get a few things figured out for that, like containers to hold water and fixing up an old bar-fridge to be used as a cooler.
I also bought my first car (!!!) and am looking for another job.  Things are changing's so much fun!  Even though it's hard sometimes, I can see how I'm growing in so many ways.  
God is so good to me…

Why I Would Make A Depressed Nun

copyright Gloria In Excelsis Deo - please do not copy! 
After at least 5 years of preparing to enter a convent, here I am about to write a post on why I would make a depressed nun.  It seems strange how much has happened these past few years.  
I love nuns.  I love the habit, the life-style, the prayer.  In my young mind, it seemed the ideal, the greatest of greatest things a woman could do.  Being an extremist, the idea of locking myself up, completely changing my way of life, and leaving everything behind to start a new life inside a cloister seemed like heaven in my mind.  Note the words, "in my mind."  
I've always been a dreamer......I'm not logical nor practical.  I flit from one idea to the next, living in my own dream world and not seeing any details in life.  Many times......actually, most of the time (😊), I didn't realize that things don't often translate easily from my mind into reality.  The reality of being called to being a sister/nun (ev…