Monday, December 25, 2017

Thoughts On // Christmas Day 2017


The smell of lavender, the distant sound of voices, the quiet sputtering of the essential oil diffuser, my copy of Divine Intimacy laying in wait for tomorrow........

This present moment is beautiful.

Christmas day is almost over, with all its extra joy and fun.  Sure, today didn't pass without a few moments of unpleasant arguing, but that has gone, and all is still.

All of my siblings were able to come between yesterday and today, as well as both Grandma's, a friend, and my sister's boyfriend.  It was loud, chaotic at times all of the time, and the conversations was very.....widespread (did you know that beans are considered more of a carbohydrate then a fat?  I found that to be very interesting).  All in all a good time!

Midnight Mass last night (this morning, technically) was beautiful.  The music turned out well....especially O Magnum Mysterium which just happens to be my favorite song to sing.  I am so blessed to sing in our Church's choirs!  

I can't end this post without mentioning the most wonderful gift I've ever very own copy of Divine Intimacy from Dad and Mom, something I've been wanting for a long time.  I am so happy!  I know that it will be one of those books that will change my life. 

I had to smile when I read the reading for today and saw the last few words.

.......contemplate the angelic hosts, prepare to join in the 
heavenly melody, singing with your lips and with your 
heart: 'Glory to God in the highest....." 
(Divine Intimacy, p. 85) 

 I am so grateful to Jesus for this day.

I'm determined to grow in knowledge of Holy Jesus and my Faith and in virtue this Christmas season.  Those things will also be my resolutions for 2018.....knowledge and virtue.    

On a side note, I will hopefully be posting a few pictures soon from our Christmas day.

How was your Christmas day?

Do you have any plans/resolutions for this Christmas Season?

In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,



  1. Merry Christmas Emma!
    I hope you had a Good Christmas. Wow! You got a copy of the Divine Intimacy! I'm jealous! :) But I think my gift was pretty amazing too. I always wanted to go to the March for Life. Well that's mine and Maria's Christmas gift for this year. :)

    1. Merry Christmas, Eowyn!

      Thank you, Christmas day was wonderful! I hope yours turned out well, to. I know: I still can't believe I have Divine Intimacy now!

      That'll be so much fun for you and Maria! You'll have to tell me all about it :)

      God bless and happy Christmas season!


  2. Oh that's wonderful! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas, Emma!

    Heehee, I can imagine what kind of chaos happened :). I'll be experiencing some of that this New Years when I go up to my grandparents.

    Our midnight Mass was wonderful too - our carols were in tune, and Father had one of the "new" cloths put on, just in time!

    Our Christmas Day went well. Everyone liked their gifts, and we had a wonderful dinner of lamb and potatoes. I have no current "resolutions" other than continuing the ones that I started during Advent under my priest's suggestion.

    Now to get ready for the New Year!


    1. Hi Catherine and thanks for commenting!

      I'm glad your Midnight Mass went well! That must be wonderful to know that the cloths were done for Christmas Mass.

      I've never done "resolutions" during the Christmas season, but this year I really want to try to keep the festivity and the Christmas joy till the end. That and making sure I'm still being aware of all the things I can do better on and making the effort to change.

      I know......I really can't wait to see all that happens in 2018!

      God bless and Happy Christmas Season!