Sunday, December 17, 2017

It's Here // Gaudete Sunday!


Gaudete Sunday.  Even though I love this day quite a lot, I always feel rather, well, awkward (that's the closest word).  Why?  Because I'm not that joyful, especially this year. 

Obsessive, scrupulous, anxious......I've got over-loads of them all.  Little painfully introverted, pessimistic me finds it very hard to be joyful for long periods of time.  The glass is always half-empty.   

Today, our priest reminded us that, while we struggle for holiness and prepare for the coming of Jesus, our souls should be joyful.  Even if we are anxious (*ahem* Teresia), we should always keep in mind that where-ever we are, Jesus will find and help us.  

This Gaudete Sunday, I'm reminded just how necessary it is to forget myself and simply gaze at Jesus.  For all anxious, scrupulous souls out there, just remember that, especially on this day.  

True joy is found in Christ.  The closer we are to Him, the more joyful we become.  It's beautiful.  Now, if only I was there 😉.

However, not to loose heart!  Now's the time for a change.  We've only got 8 days till Christmas!  Let's all gather up that energy, pray to Jesus in the Tabernacle for courage, and strive to be the saints God created us to be with joyful hearts.  What a Loving, Caring Father in Heaven we have.   

Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

Please pray for all those who are dying.

Do you have any suggestions for this last full week of Advent?

Any thoughts on Gaudete Sunday?

In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,



  1. The homily at my Church made me think too. Also feel guilty for not being joyful and a few other things. I resolved to try harder during the homily. Then I went home and failed. But every time we fall we have to pick ourselves up again and try again. Try harder!

    1. Hi Eowyn and thanks for commenting!

      I understand completely. It's so hard to break bad habits (yelling, arguing, lying, ect.). However, as long as we keep trying, just like you said, we will someday make it. As our priest said, "Those truly searching for truth will always find it." I like to think that goes for striving to overcome sin as well. Just keep trying and know that with persistence, all will be right.

      God bless and Happy Advent!


  2. I have a lot of the same issues, as well as my family in general. I'm a future-oriented person, so that's where a lot of my worry is placed.

    That being said, I find it easier to be joyful now that Gaudete Sunday has passed. Because my Lord is coming soon!

    Please pray for me! I'm attempting to get this altar cloth done today!

    Working by Candlelight (

    1. Hi Catherine and thanks for commenting!

      It is hard not to focus on the future, especially for young ladies. When I get derailed in that respect, I try to meditate on Jesus's Gaze on me. That comforts me.

      It is so exciting that Jesus will soon be here!! I can't wait, wait, wait for Midnight Mass! Plus, I'm blessed to sing......a gift from Jesus!

      Praying for you (and for your project) and for all souls.

      God bless and happy last week of Advent!