Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Girl Who's Me


All my life, I've copied people.

I see someone who I want to be like, characters in books, in movies, in real life, I imitate's just what I've always done.  

What a hard moment that was, at least 4 or 5 years ago, when I realized that I didn't know who I was.  I spent so much time trying to be like people, I felt at that moment that I had forgotten who I actually am.

I remember being a little girl, riding in the back of the mini-van.  Mom had just dropped a few of the older kids off at a friend's house and we were presumably driving home.  I can still picture exactly what I was looking at outside the window.  

It was evening, the sky was already growing dark.  It must have just rained as the pavement was shiny under the bright city lights.  We were just getting on the interstate on a curved entering ramp when I thought a strange thought.  

Why am I who I am?

I was either four or five years old.  These thoughts made me feel all empty inside.......what value did I have? 

Fast forward a handful of years and now we're nearing the start of 2018.  I'll be 19 in February and my mind is still swirling with heavy thoughts.

I've always been anxious.  

I was the little girl who would cry in large crowds because I thought Mom and Dad would loose me.  I was the little girl who wouldn't let her mom out of her sight for fear of never seeing her again.  I was the little girl who feared something would happen that would somehow take away from her all the people she loved. 

 I am the young woman who inwardly, sometimes outwardly, cries when she has to leave for work because it means being away from her family whom she loves.  I am the young woman who suffers scruples because she obsesses about offending her Holy God in Heaven she so wishes to truly love.  I am the young woman who feels so anxious even at the thought of parties and large-group events she has physical reactions that are sometimes so painful she can't stand. 

I'm the young woman who loves to laugh and who loves to talk about health foods, tents, and how toxic sugar is (probably while eating a cookie 🍪💗 #sugaraddictionprobs).  I'm the young lady who loves to pour over Divine Intimacy, no-doubt underlining more then necessary, who eats bean-oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, who will probably start turning green (too many spinach smoothies) and who loves to meditate because she knows that her God, sitting on the Heavenly Throne, is listening to her......hearing all the words she can not speak. 

I'm the young woman who writes out her heart on this blog......knowing that writing heals many problems and hoping that she'll somehow, in some small, strange way, help some other soul out there in this great, wide world who feels the same way she does.  

Whenever I seem to be drowning in my problems, I remember that the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in Heaven is holding me against The Beating Divine Heart, wrapped in the holy mantle of the Blessed Mother's love.  

I know I have problems, but I also know that when I look at Jesus, hanging there on the Cross, they no-longer matter.  The Love of Holy Jesus overtakes all things.  

At the foot of the Holy Cross, I'm strong.  At the foot of the Holy Cross, I realize that I'm worth more then I can ever understand......and that goes for every single soul that God Creates!  At the foot of the Holy Cross, standing next to our Blessed Mother, I see just how wonderful and beautiful it is to be a woman!  What wonders can be revealed to us if we merely put ourselves at the foot of the Holy Cross! 

Yes, I do know why I am who I am.  I am who I am because God, Whose Wisdom is Infinite, decided that is was absolutely necessary to have this little soul in His Garden.  Otherwise, it wouldn't ever be complete.  God overflows my soul with love......God loves me more then I know.  How beautiful! 

"When creating us, God loved us so much that He made us
to His own image and likeness; when redeeming us, He loved us so much
that He made Himself to our image!"
(Divine Intimacy, p. 86) 

You are great, O Lord, my God, and worthy of all praise.
May my soul love You, my tongue praise You, my hand
write of You, and may my whole soul be occupied in these
holy exercises.   
(Divine Intimacy, p. 93) 

May God bless you!  Please pray for all those who have no-one to pray for them.

"Come!  Come, adore, listen, and rejoice!  Jesus,
the Word of the Father, speaks to us a wonderful
word:  God loves you!"
(Divine Intimacy, p. 83)
Please pray for me.  I'm praying for you!

In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,


Monday, December 25, 2017

Thoughts On // Christmas Day 2017


The smell of lavender, the distant sound of voices, the quiet sputtering of the essential oil diffuser, my copy of Divine Intimacy laying in wait for tomorrow........

This present moment is beautiful.

Christmas day is almost over, with all its extra joy and fun.  Sure, today didn't pass without a few moments of unpleasant arguing, but that has gone, and all is still.

All of my siblings were able to come between yesterday and today, as well as both Grandma's, a friend, and my sister's boyfriend.  It was loud, chaotic at times all of the time, and the conversations was very.....widespread (did you know that beans are considered more of a carbohydrate then a fat?  I found that to be very interesting).  All in all a good time!

Midnight Mass last night (this morning, technically) was beautiful.  The music turned out well....especially O Magnum Mysterium which just happens to be my favorite song to sing.  I am so blessed to sing in our Church's choirs!  

I can't end this post without mentioning the most wonderful gift I've ever very own copy of Divine Intimacy from Dad and Mom, something I've been wanting for a long time.  I am so happy!  I know that it will be one of those books that will change my life. 

I had to smile when I read the reading for today and saw the last few words.

.......contemplate the angelic hosts, prepare to join in the 
heavenly melody, singing with your lips and with your 
heart: 'Glory to God in the highest....." 
(Divine Intimacy, p. 85) 

 I am so grateful to Jesus for this day.

I'm determined to grow in knowledge of Holy Jesus and my Faith and in virtue this Christmas season.  Those things will also be my resolutions for 2018.....knowledge and virtue.    

On a side note, I will hopefully be posting a few pictures soon from our Christmas day.

How was your Christmas day?

Do you have any plans/resolutions for this Christmas Season?

In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,


Sunday, December 24, 2017

It's Here // Fourth Sunday of Advent


You would think that I would have so many thoughts in my mind on this last Sunday of Advent.  Surprisingly, that's not the case as my thoughts are few and uncomplicated.

I'm waiting for the coming of Jesus with hope.  Hope that He will come and better my soul.....hope that He will come to all those I know who sneer or do not care for His Holy Church and give them the grace of understanding......hope that He will come to the Tabernacle of my soul again and make it a holy resting place even more beautiful then before.     

How I love the Propers for today!  

This day you shall know that the Lord will come, and save us: and in
the morning you shall see His glory......the earth is the Lord's and the fullness 
therof: the world and all they that dwell therein.  Glory be to the Father......  
(Introit for December 24th)

This day you shall know that the Lord will come.  This day!  This year, my mind has wandered more towards the thought of Jesus's second coming instead of His coming this Christmas.

......and in the morning you shall see His glory.  "Hope" is what this line brought to my mind.  Even if my struggles seem to be too overwhelming or the burden too heavy, I know that if I persevere, I will indeed see His glory.  It is that glory that I hope will cover all of my words, thoughts, and fact, all of me.  This glory of God.......what a thought!  Just the immensity of it!  

.....the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof: the world and all they that dwell therein.  To know that we belong to Our Lord Jesus is such a beautiful thought.  Usually I do not think of it in that way.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  May God bless each one of you with countless graces this day, this season, and every day after.  May our Holy Mother Mary lead each of us up to the Holy Throne of God, never to leave and always to abide in the Glory and Love of God.

Jesus is near!  Use these last few moments to prepare our souls for the Holy Coming so that we can greet Him with immense joy, love, and adoration.
In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,


Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Prep (in pictures) // Random things


You may have noticed a little change on the top left of Gloria In Excelsis Deo.  Yes, Emma is my real name.....a name that I love and am so grateful for.  A name has so much meaning and I have decided to use it here so that it feels more like "home."  

Also, in honor getting over 1,000 page views I've decided to do an Ask Me Anything post to be put out within the next few weeks (thanks to Catherine Hawthorn for the idea!).  If you have any questions for me, please leave them in the comment box and I will answer them in the post.  Truly: ask me anything!  I know I have only a few readers (mainly friends and family) but I still think it would be great fun!

Alright!  Onto some Christmas pictures.  I'm an on-and-off amateur photographer and I've decided to post a few pictures every-now-and-then.  

 photo courtesy of sister #5 Claire

 photo courtesy of sister #4 Elizabeth
photo courtesy of sister #4 Elizabeth

I'm trying to give up sugar for health reasons.......this book has helped!

God bless and thank you for reading!  

Please pray for the unborn, especially those who may be killed by abortion during this Christmas season. 

 In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,


Sunday, December 17, 2017

It's Here // Gaudete Sunday!


Gaudete Sunday.  Even though I love this day quite a lot, I always feel rather, well, awkward (that's the closest word).  Why?  Because I'm not that joyful, especially this year. 

Obsessive, scrupulous, anxious......I've got over-loads of them all.  Little painfully introverted, pessimistic me finds it very hard to be joyful for long periods of time.  The glass is always half-empty.   

Today, our priest reminded us that, while we struggle for holiness and prepare for the coming of Jesus, our souls should be joyful.  Even if we are anxious (*ahem* Teresia), we should always keep in mind that where-ever we are, Jesus will find and help us.  

This Gaudete Sunday, I'm reminded just how necessary it is to forget myself and simply gaze at Jesus.  For all anxious, scrupulous souls out there, just remember that, especially on this day.  

True joy is found in Christ.  The closer we are to Him, the more joyful we become.  It's beautiful.  Now, if only I was there 😉.

However, not to loose heart!  Now's the time for a change.  We've only got 8 days till Christmas!  Let's all gather up that energy, pray to Jesus in the Tabernacle for courage, and strive to be the saints God created us to be with joyful hearts.  What a Loving, Caring Father in Heaven we have.   

Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

Please pray for all those who are dying.

Do you have any suggestions for this last full week of Advent?

Any thoughts on Gaudete Sunday?

In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,


Friday, December 15, 2017

A Thought


picture something like this......

The kitchen is a mess, with a smattering of dirty dishes on pretty much every counter.  The little sitting area directly off of the kitchen isn't any better with towels (on the floor...?) needing to be folded, some garland waiting to be tested, and a copy of Frightful's Mountain (missing the cover and the first few pages, of course) laying on top of the largest mound of towels.  The chairs around the table are sitting every which-way, not pushed in after their earlier use and the buffet is littered with games, to-do lists, bags, and other random things.  The only thing that appears peaceful is the nativity sitting right above the kitchen sink.       
As I survey the mess, I smile.  
This is the life I choose (and yes, that includes cleaning).

In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Nineveh 90


One of our priests for our diocese started Nineveh 90 last year (or maybe two years ago....I can't recall...).  Basically, it's were we all do 90 days of prayer and penance to end abortion.  If you sign up, you get daily emails with reflections and readings.  

Last year I read (or tried to read) the emails every day, attempted to give up sweets, and that was about it.  In other words, I failed on many fronts.  This year, though, I'm determined to be different!  This year I'm going to take this very seriously.  The older I get, the more my heart aches for all of the little children who are killed in their mother's womb.  It's the least I can do to beg God to save their lives and to end abortion forever.  

Please consider joining me and thousands of Catholics as we storm Heaven!  Here is the "flyer" email that I just received today:


Nineveh 90 - 90 Days of Prayer & Penance to End Abortion!!

January 1 to March 31 (Easter Vigil)

There is no doubt that we are facing a pivotal moment in history. This is "our time" to step up and see this "momentum shift" to its conclusion. 

When the Apostles asked the Savior why they had been unable to drive the evil spirit from a demoniac, Our Lord gave a "key" for what intensifies or increases the power of our prayers:
"This kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting" (Matthew 17:21). So, too, the evil which today torments humanity can be conquered only by a world-wide crusade of prayer *and* penance.

That will be the intensity of this 90-day challenge of prayer and penance for the babies!!
Please make every effort to get all of your friends and family to join this extremely important 90-day prayer crusade (January 1 to Easter Vigil) to rescue our culture and put an end to the killing of millions of innocent children through abortion. We believe God will hear us!!
On the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12), we recalled how, in 1531, an entire culture of Mexico turned, virtually overnight, from the brutal Aztec practice of human sacrifice to one of the mightiest Christian cultures on the planet. It is estimated that nine million Mexicans turned to our Lord, almost instantly, through the intercession of Our Lady.

Many of us have been praying for our country, and we are beginning to see a shift that, quite frankly, is astounding. Signs abound, such as the outrage over the objectification of women, and liberal news sources reporting on the dangerous side effects of contraception and abortion.

As we pray for the conversion of our country, we have a unique opportunity to end pre-born child killing through a Personhood Proclamation Presidential Executive Order.

January 14, 2018 is the 30th Anniversary of Ronald Reagan's Personhood Proclamation. It was not a Presidential Executive Order. But now with President Trump, we have an opportunity for a Presidential Executive Order.

We need to pray for the President to take this action which will force for the Courts to adjudicate personhood and encourage him by, first, contacting him. For complete campaign and how to email, call, tweet, and otherwise contact the President,

But, more than anything else, this is our time to "go all in" with our prayer and penances, as we call out to (beg!!) God, through the intercession of Our Lady, to bring an end to the murder of millions of innocents through abortion.
Nineveh 90 - the 90 days from January 1 to March 31 (Easter Vigil). For our Nineveh 90 challenge, we are embracing the great values of prayer, mortification, a support system, and the research in the behavioral sciences that says 90 days is about the time needed to change bad habits ... if we want to see our world "turn," we must demonstrate to God our willingness to "turn first."

We will also be using some of the tried and true very powerful supernatural elements. Namely, the Brown Scapular, 54 Day Rosary Novena, and the 33 Day Preparation for Marian Consecration.

Why Nineveh 90? Recall the story of Nineveh in the Book of Jonah ...
Then the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time: "Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you."
Jonah obeyed the word of the Lord and went to Nineveh. Now Nineveh was a very large city; it took three days to go through it. Jonah began by going a day's journey into the city, proclaiming, "Forty more days and Nineveh will be overthrown." The Ninevites believed God. A fast was proclaimed, and all of them, from the greatest to the least, put on sackcloth.
When Jonah's warning reached the king of Nineveh, he rose from his throne, took off his royal robes, covered himself with sackcloth and sat down in the dust. This is the proclamation he issued in Nineveh:
"By the decree of the king and his nobles:
Do not let people or animals, herds or flocks, taste anything; do not let them eat or drink. But let people and animals be covered with sackcloth. Let everyone call urgently on God. Let them give up their evil ways and their violence. Who knows? God may yet relent and with compassion turn from his fierce anger so that we will not perish."
When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, he relented and did not bring on them the destruction he had threatened (Jonah 3:3-10)
They "Turned!!" There was a momentum shift back to God!!!
The Nineveh 90 Challenge Begins January 1.
"Consecration Day" will be on March 31, Easter Vigil, and the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Cross. 

Nineveh 90 - Ten Elements
  1. For these 90 days, resolve to let go of repetitive sin you struggle with (e.g., acts of impurity, over-eating, alcohol, etc.)
  2. Wear Brown Scapular (Scapular Medal allowed) - Akin to Sackcloth
  3. Daily Mass (If you are able)
  4. Confession (at least once a month ... immediately following grave sin)
  5. Support System: Create or join a "Nineveh 90 Squad" of 3+ people. Maybe create a Facebook group. Also, try to join together with an "Accountability Buddy."
  6. Daily Prayer (Developing a quality Catholic Prayer Life)
    • Morning Offering
    • Angelus (6,Noon,6)
    • Rosary
    • Holy Hour (or at least 20 minutes of quiet prayerful reflection time. Does not need to be before the Blessed Sacrament. This is normally done at home or your favorite prayer space ... maybe create a "God Cave" in your home)
    • Bedtime Prayers
  7. For 90 Days, Commit to ...
    • Regular and challenging exercise
    • Seven hours of sleep is essential
    • No alcohol
    • No desserts & sweets
    • No eating between meals
    • No soda or sweetened drinks
    • Limit television or movies (news allowed)
    • Only music that lifts the soul to God
    • Limit televised sports (maybe one per week)
    • Limit recreational computer time (only use for personal needs and fulfillment. May be needed for Nineveh 90 too)
  8. 54 Day Rosary Novena (Basic Training in Holiness) - January 1 to February 23
  9. 33 Day Preparation for Consecration - February 26 to March 30 (Good Friday)
  10. Marian Consecration - March 31, 2018 (Easter Vigil, Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Cross)
Prayer Intention for 54 Day Rosary Novena: Personal Holiness and for an End to Abortion. Let's pray for a world-wide momentum shift back to God!!
Sundays and Solemnities: May be a day of relaxed discipline, but not abandoned. (Sleep in an extra hour, cream in your coffee, a dessert, a beer, etc.)

Fasting: Wednesdays and Fridays (Water/Juice and bread only, if medically allowed, otherwise as is outlined by the USCCB)

You are encouraged (not required) to join the Angelic Warfare Confraternity

Please join our "Special Forces Training" FB group to receive instructions and form Nineveh 90 squads and buddies: SPECIAL FORCES TRAINING

From Michelle Linn Fallon:
 "I want to encourage everyone thinking about this to do it. I did this in a way without calling it this beginning in September when we did the first novena for our nation. I got up before 6am and worked up to 11 workouts a week. I've lost 40 pounds. I look great. I feel great. I've lost my taste for sweets. Broken my addiction to soft drinks from childhood. I have little sugar, little dairy and don't want it. I am no longer considered obese and only slightly overweight according to my doctor. In 10 pounds my BMI will be normal again. My prayer life is more consistent. I hardly miss a day on this second novena so I rarely have days to make up prayers. I've joined a lay apostolate. Amazing things happen when you offer the discipline to God. Amazing prayers have been answered for me and I've witnessed miracles in my life. I can't fast on bread because I can't eat bread. But I can deny myself other things. I have health issues that keep me from some of the fasting things. But I can deny myself sleeping in when I want to and pray instead. It's all habits. Do what you can do and focus on that. Let God do the rest. He will!"

Yours in Christ,

Very Reverend Richard Heilman


Please pray for all mothers who are considering killing their unborn child or have done already done it.

In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,


Silence // Rambling on My Vocation


I love winter for many reasons.  The pure whiteness of the world, the snow-covered hills that surround us, the feeling of peaceful isolation (we're blessed to live in the "boon-docks" as we call it around here), but most of all, the utter stillness and complete silence.  

No sound carries far as it gets quickly muffled by the snow.  The sounds you are able to here are that of the wildlife (mainly crows), the wind, and the trees when they're covered in ice.  

In my mind, this is one of God's great gifts to the world and one that I treasure.

In the spring, summer, and fall months, the world is a busy place.  Not only the multiple activities that most people are involved in, but also the natural world.  The world we see is colorful and very much alive. 

This all goes away in winter.  All of a sudden, the world seems to have gone asleep.  The color leaves, the busyness dies down, and the world seems to slow.  

I love this time because it's perfect for meditation and reflection.  I often refer to silence in my personal writing as God's Music because it's only in silence that we can truly hear the Voice of God.  The silence of winter reminds me of how necessary it is to be silent in my soul during the whole year, not just in winter.  

While carrying my cross, I know that even if it may be hard on the outside, I need to maintain that inner have my soul remain before the Holy Cross even if physically I'm be silent before God on the inside even if my life on the outside is anything but.  

For many years, I prepared to enter a cloistered convent thinking that I knew best what I needed.  I didn't consider what God wanted me to do nor did I give Him even the slightest chance to show me.  I never prayed, "God, please show me Your Will for my life."  Instead, I prayed, "Please let me enter such-and-such convent."  

Finally, I realized what a mistake I was making.  I wasn't happy while preparing and researching different orders because I felt like it was on my shoulders to make a vocation for myself and to mold myself to be the person I thought I needed to be to fulfill my dreams for my life.  Can you tell I was (and still struggle with being) a self-centered person?

However, God is kind.  

Finally, after a good seven or eight years of off-and-on religious discernment, He let me realize my mistake.  Even now, He is teaching me to raise my eyes off of my own pitiful works and up to the Cross.  Finally, my prayer is, "God, please let me recognize my vocation when the time comes."  And guess what?  Once I started to change this outlook of mine, everything changed.  

When I pray for God's Guidance in my life, I no-longer look for what will make me happy, but for the path that will best mold my stained, wrinkled soul into saint material.  As far as I know, that path is the Holy Sacrament of Marriage.  I can't imagine any other path that would take my faults more out of me than that, that would make me into a saint, and that would give me true Heavenly joy.  However, I leave all to God.  He will show me, for sure, what I am suppose to do when the time is right. 

Meanwhile, in my present life, I strive for virtue.  I'll tell you right now, I usually fail miserably.  However, I'm confident that if I just get up and try, try, and try again I'll someday make it 😊      

I'm sorry for rambling!  I started writing this post about silence (my intended topic) and I end with writing about my vocation.  Ah well.....this is what came of my fingers.  

I best go now.  Laundry and vacuuming awaits me!  I'm so grateful for this time in my life.  Being a part of the family as an adult is much different then as a student.  I'm learning many lessons that I know I'll treasure forever.  I've also been realizing just how much I enjoy the home and the daily chores the come with it.  

Before I go I want to give you all the title of a wonderful book.  It's called Mrs. Sharp's Traditions - Reviving Victorian Family Celebrations of Comfort and Joy and it's by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  While I don't believe it's Catholic, it has many wonderful tips for home-making.  A good portion of it is aimed for mother's raising little children, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed reading it.

I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed day!  Happy Advent!

Please pray for all those discerning their vocation.  

In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Question


Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!  I have a question for all of you today.

I know that many of you, if not all, have done St. Louis de Monfort's Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary or something similar. 

I would very much like to do the Consecration but I'm finding a couple different versions and I'm not sure which one to do.

If you have done the Consecration, what version did you use and which one would you recommend?

Thank you in advance! 

In the Sacred Heart of Jesus,


Sunday, December 10, 2017

It's Here // 2nd Week of Advent


The second week of Advent.

I can't remember a year or an Advent that has gone by this fast.  I feel like it should still be March 2017.  It doesn't seem real that, in fact, 2017 is at its end.

These past few days have been very strange and different.  Knowing that one of my best friends is entering Carmel, a random out-of-the-blue family situation, work, trying to make this Advent a good one, praying to know God's Holy Will and trying to be as unattached to my dreams as possible.....  Let's just say my emotions are very up-and-down right now.  

Through it all, I'm just trying to step back.  Taking that mental breath of fresh air, looking at Jesus's Face covered in blood on the Holy Cross, and looking into His Eyes that are overflowing with Infinite Pain and Infinite Love.  

It's at that moment I know everything's going to be alright.  Whatever happens is God's Will.

There are two things I love to meditate on:  the Jesus's True Presence in the Holy Eucharist and The Passion.  This Advent and this time of life in general, it has helped me a lot.  When I seem to being going through a rough patch, all I have to do is look at The Passion.  All of a sudden, what I am dealing with is very, very small in the grand scale of things.  All of a sudden, I realize that all the small crosses that I have to deal with can be turned into humble acts of love to console Him Who Truly Suffers. 

 With St. Veronica, I can provide consolation to The Bleeding Heart.  Most likely, all I can give is something very small and humble.  However, I know that even the smallest sacrifice I make with love is worth more then I know to The Sacred Heart.  

 picture taken from Portraits of The Saints

St. Veronica.  I've just started to "get to know her."  A few home-school mom's put on an All Saints Day party at our Church, and one of the amazing mom's made each child a gift bag.  My favorite part?  The saint card that was in each bag.  I got St. Veronica and she's going to be one of my patron saints of this coming year.  

 God bless and Happy Second Week of Advent! 

Who are your patron saints?

How has your Advent been going?

In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,


Friday, December 8, 2017



image is my own - please do not copy

I've thought of it often.  Does it fit into my life?  Is it promoting virtue or is it furthering vanity and/or pride?  

Yes, I'm talking about blogging.  Those who have had access to some of my other blogs have heard more about this then what they probably want to.  To those people; I'm sorry! 

I've been on the fence about it for a long time.  Actually, pretty much since I started my first one.

I enjoy having a place to write out my thoughts, but perhaps it would be better to leave my humble thoughts in the quiet of my home.  Perhaps it is best to remove myself from the web and cultivate a more virtuous life at home......a vocation quietly hidden from the prying eyes of the world, a simple resting place for my soul.  

I do love this little, humble place.  The name alone makes me smile.  May the words Gloria In Excelsis Deo be ever on my soul.  Looking back on previous years, I can clearly see how God has helped me beyond what I can even understand.  What else can I do but ever praise Him for His Divine Goodness and Love for me, the smallest of small souls?

Now, please excuse me while I ramble.  

People are always so afraid of not being in control of their lives.  I never understood that.  I don't want to be in control for the sole reason that I'm confident I'd make a huge mess of things.  I find joy knowing that God is the one in control, He Who Has Infinite Wisdom.  Infinite!  Who could not find peace knowing this?  I find such peace in His Mercy and Justice.  

I suppose I will stop writing for now.  May God bless you on this wonderful, blessed day, the Feast of The Immaculate Conception!  May God's graces over-flow onto all souls of this world everyday, but most especially on this day.  

Please pray for all those who deprive our heavenly Mother Mary of her due honor.  

In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,



Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thoughts on a Thursday


Today, there are so many different things that are running through my mind.  Spirituality, holiness, work, public relations, dream of living next to a Church, school, you name it, I've probably thought of it.  

First off, if you put really strong hot-sauce on your head, will it make your hair grow faster?  Secondly, if you can dye the hair on the top of your head, can you dye the hair on your arms as well?  If it is possible, would it show?  Not that I'd do either thing, of course.  Simply wondering.  (keep in mind, I'm trying to keep myself in words exactly how I am in real-life)  Anyhow, onto the more serious things I've been thinking about.

Anyone who knows me in person knows how much I love the country.  It's beautiful, wild, and (for me) points directly towards the Creator.  I say I'll never leave and that if ever I have to live in town, I'd be miserable.  However, yesterday, as I was watching this video (Julie Goes to Mass! scroll down for the video), I realized something that changed everything that I thought.

I want to live right next to a Church (preferably with Traditional Latin Mass).  I would love to live next to Jesus in the Holy be able to visit Him whenever I want or need to and to have the Divine Presence even more close, as well as to someday (God willing) raise a family as close as possible to the Divine Presence. 

Well, I'd best sign off here.  I have to get ready for Mass.  I work tomorrow morning so I can't go to Holy Mass then.  As it so happens, there is a Church right by us that has a 6pm English Mass, so I will be going then. 

May God bless all of you!

Please pray for Julie, that she may be able to receive the care, therapy, and prayers needed to return to the life she had before her illness.

 In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

We Must Pray


Please click on the link below to access story:

Let us all pray, pray, pray for Mother Church, Our Holy Father Pope Francis, and that the whole world may realize and believe in the True Presence In The Host.

May the Sacred Heart give us the grace to remain ever faithful to Holy Mother Church and the courage to live and defend our Holy Faith.  

In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,


Sunday, December 3, 2017

It Has Arrived!


Happy First Sunday of Advent!  

Every Advent we hear, "Let us prepare, let us prepare, let us prepare," over and over again.  For some of us, we probably don't take it truly seriously (I'm talking about those who try a few times here and there and then giving up on it, namely, myself).  

For those struggling with actually making Advent a time of serious preparation, let's make this year different.  I know we can all do it!

Here are a few ideas:

-Spend extra time in prayer every day (if it's really hard, start with only 5 minutes and work up to whatever you can fit in).

-Pick a virtue to strengthen and practice for each week of Advent. If need be, put sticky notes with the virtue written on it everywhere.  That way you won't forget!

-Our family does the Advent Angel system.  Every kids secretly gets paired with another sibling and you sneakily do good things through Advent for them.  It can be doing a quick-clean of your person's room, offering a sacrifice for them, praying for them, ect.  You can really be creative.  Come Christmas Day, we all guess who had us.  It's fun!

Ah!  I can hear the Christmas music already (Benedictines of Mary, to be specific).  In past years we've waited longer to listen to such music but I think this year we'll fail at that.

What are some of your family's traditions?  

Any more ideas of a productive Advent?

God bless you and may He give you an amazing and productive Advent!  

Please pray for all those who don't believe in Christmas.

In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Thoughts on a Saturday


What a day this has been!  Very ordinary but in another sense rather out of the ordinary. One thing hasn't changed, though.  That is, my mind is still buzzing with ideas of different kinds.  Just the word 'buzzing' wears me out. 😊  Disregarding that last fact, I'll try my best in write down what's on my mind....or at least part of it.

1)  As I was driving into work (and talking to myself as I'm prone to do sometimes), I realized that even though I have all these dreams for the future, I have to be disconnected from them.  I need to disregard what I want and turn my gaze completely to seeking out God's Holy Will for every second of my life.  So I asked Our Mother of Perpetual Help, St. Therese, the holy souls in purgatory, and all the other holy saints and angels to pray to Jesus for me that I may have the grace, strength, and courage to find and follow God's Holy Will for my life.   

2)  Being excited to get all set up in my off-grid life-style.  That and wondering how this winter will go.

3)  Pondering the thought of blogging and portraying yourself just as you are without any frills or lace.

4)  As I'm writing this, I can hear my two younger sisters and mom are watching "Emma."  I generally avoid romance movies so I've chosen to opt out of it.  Instead I spent some time watching Darci Isabella's videos and writing this.

5)  Looking forward to tomorrow (the first Sunday of Advent!) and hoping that the cold I feel coming on will not overtake me by tomorrow.

6)  Seeing my faults and trying to better them (AKA: don't fly of the hook because little sibling #2 is doing something that I think is annoying).

7)  Musing over personality types.

8)  Thinking of using my real name here.

9)  Admiring a few pictures of Holy Mother Mary.  Here are my favorites:

Anyhow, those are my thoughts on a Saturday.  Please leave any hello's, suggestions, or questions in the comment box.

In the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,