little thoughts on a Sunday


Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows
May my soul sing continually the glory of God, my heart overtaken and set ablaze with and by the Love of God.  Delighting in the otherwise bareness, the wound that inflicts every heart in love with God, every soul who works for virtue and holiness.......

Spiritual dryness, ruts, even the most darkest moments of life are a cause for tears of humility and love for God.  To wake up every day and know that the sun has risen, giving you another opportunity to turn from sin, work to fulfill God's will, and the honor - oh, the great, great honor - of adoring and loving God yet again.

Sunday - the glorious, glorious day in which the Eucharist comes softly and gently resides in so many tabernacles of souls.  The Kiss of Christ.  The silent triumph.....Greatness under the shroud of a humility.  Oh, that on this day, no one would receive unworthily, that no one would hurt our Holy Jesus in so great a way. 

We must console the Eucharist!  We must! 

He is the…

are you taking the time?


Dear readers, to God be all glory and honor!  
I'm so excited to write a little today on a topic very near and dear to my heart (we'll see if I have time to quickly write this before work - EEK!).  I'll pose the topic as a series of questions - 
Are you taking the time for your friends, to really know them?  Are you taking the time to be with your family?  Are you taking the time for yourself, to quiet down and confront the reality of yourself?    Think about each one of those in depth before moving onto the next (and most important question): 

First and foremost, are you taking the time for God?  Truly?  If you answered yes, then I'd throw another question at you: do you put time with Him first?  
Living in such a disordered world, the difficulty is real!  However, it's not impossible (as I'm sure most of you know!).  Especially when it comes to relationships, one-on-one time with God (your Creator) can sometimes go on the back-burner.  
This morning, I…

pilgrimage // Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine

Yesterday started off pretty normal - didn't end up so!  Early in the morning, I got it into my head to make the trek over to the Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine, and so that's what I did.  The last time I was there, it was snowy, sleeting, and quite I was quite looking forward to seeing the beautiful grounds and the church minus terrible weather.

Roughly halfway there, I (of course) had to make a quick stop at the Hillcrest Log Cabin demos. 

Set in the heart of a cluster of Amish farms.

The Amish farm across the street - normally you can see the children outside or peaking out the windows at you, but not this time.  

And then just down the road from the farm is the schoolhouse.

Made a stop at the bulk grocery store about 15 minutes from the shrine - amazing array of spices, organic oats and such, as well as any sort of making ingredient you could think of.  Picked up some candied haystacks and lentils I'd been needing (after I wandered throughout the…